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    Drop off Process

    Drop-off Process and Center Pick-up

    It couldn't be easier to ship your new BMW home at the conclusion of your trip. There are 13 convenient drop-off locations throughout Europe, plus additional locations in Italy. Simply drive your car to the location of your choice.

    E.H. Harms is the designated shipping company. The cost of transportation, customs clearance and duty, and marine insurance is included in the purchase price of all BMWs sold under the European Delivery Program.

    All cars depart from Antwerp, Belgium, or Bremerhaven, Germany. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to the East coast and 8-10 weeks to the West Coast from drop off date for a car to arrive at your BMW center for final delivery. Be advised that if you drop off your car at any other location than Germany that arrival time will be longer.

    Please remove all personal items and accessories (such as the first aid kit and hazard warning sign). Only the spare tire, jack, and tools are shipped with the car.

    Pick Up at Center

    Motor Werks' BMW of North America, LLC, will notify you of your new BMW's arrival in the United States. After clearing customs, the BMW Vehicle Processing Center at the port of entry will inspect your car and install any applicable accessories.

    Your BMW will be inspected again upon arriving at Motor Werks BMW. Motor Werk's BMW technicians will also install any optional accessories you wish to add to your new BMW. Your client advisor will redeliver your car to you, the perfect souvenir of your European vacation.

    Then the love affair continues.